We understand it is hard to differentiate between CrossFit and a Regular Gyms, and you may be unsure whether it’s right for you.

We also know that from the outside looking in CrossFit can be intimidating.

Lots of shouting, half naked people, crawling out of the gym after every session.

The TRUTH is it’s not like that at all!

You may also be thinking that you need to be SUPER FIT before trying CrossFit which is also NOT true.

We have people from all walks of life and varying fitness abilities.

Other than the RESULTS we deliver, It’s the diversity of our amazing, supportive community, working towards a common goal that really sets us apart from other gyms.

Before committing to our membership we recommend all newbies take up the opportunity of FREE TRIAL before getting started.

We have CrossFit facilities in Bath & Trowbridge


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Heart Given By All
Community Driven
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