The CrossFit Bath Total Challenge 2017 is now LIVE!!!!

What’s involved?

70 days clean eating and developing better lifestyle habits. Helping you lose weight, have more energy, improve performance and ultimately feel fantastic!

Monday 24th April —- Saturday 1st

Use the info that we provide to implement new lifestyle habits that will help transform your body and mind.

We need you to take 3 photo’s at the beginning of the challenge.
1 from the front, side and back.

We’ll then ask you to take 3 more pictures at the end of the challenge.

We also advise you to measure your waist.

These pictures can be taken in clothing if you wish but this will mean it will be harder to observe any change. The pictures can also remain private and we will not share any pics unless we have your permission.

Prizes & Sign Ups!!!!

The money from sign ups will all go into a pot and will contribute to a CASH PRIZE for the winners.

We will select 1 Male and 1 Female winner and 4 runners up.

We will select the winners based on the following criteria……

– Most contribution to the Group
– Best physical transformation
– Greatest challenges overcome

NOTE- Physical Transformation is just one criteria. It’s not the most important criteria.

This year we will be having two sign up options:

Option 1 –
Access to our latest Total Challenge Booklet which includes updated content. The guide covers what to eat, timings, quality vs quantity, our emotional attachment to food and much more. You’ll also have access to the Total Challenge FB group where we’ll be posting content daily. It’s also a place to share ideas and support one another.

Cost £20

Option 2 – All the above and MORE! Also included, Weekly Check Ins with a Coach via email, Initial face to face consultation (inc skin folds), specific nutritional guidelines laid out and half way point face to face consultation.

Cost £75

Sign Up

You can sign up at the box and pay via cash. This will save us money on Eventbrite fees and paying a cut to the tax man!
Meaning more cash for the winners!! yay!

Once you’ve paid we’ll add you to the private FB group and pop your name on the board in the gym!!


To get initial idea of number post ‘IN’ in the Tribe FB group and make sure you get signed up at the box asap ready for Monday!

We’re super excited, this is set to be our best challenge yet and we can’t wait to see the results you guys achieve!