Before continuing to read this article, ask yourself one question?

WHY do I come to CrossFit?

Seriously, take a moment and think about it…… What is your reason for attending day after day, week after week, month after month?

You may have thought things like

  • more energy
  • better body composition
  • to be fitter
  • to be healthier
  • gain strength
  • improve mobility

The list goes on.

The point of this article is to really hammer home your priorities when you step through the door and get you to look at the long game of health and fitness.

You may have heard us reference things like:

“Move well, move well often then you can move fast.”

“Mechanics > Consistency > Intensity”

Anyone who attends my classes is probably sick of me sounding like a broken record saying these things over and over again.

But we are saying it because we want you change your mindset, to that of competing against the clock, to “can I move better first?”

In my opinion, defining your fitness by the speed you can complete a workout is inherently flawed for beginners (I know, I know, in a CF Competition you have to go fast – that’s a SPORT, very different to training for health) Why do I say this? Because in 5 years time you will not care that you shaved off 18 seconds off “Helen” but you will care when you have a tear in your shoulder because you got sloppy with your standards in order to do so.  If someone was 1 minute slower on a workout yet moved a tonne better, in my eyes that’s improved fitness. I am far more impressed by individuals that are consciously aware of how they are moving as opposed to the bull in a china shop approach of “I want to be the first to finish!”

The best mover in the game – never looks like he is moving fast, in complete control every single rep 

Your daily 6pm class is not the CF Games (even though it may feel like it at times) its training, its practice, whatever you want to call it. But either way its about doing things well today so that you will benefit later. Once you have consistently grooved great movement, move fast by all means because chances are your standards may slip 3% as opposed to 30%. Every time you do poor quality reps, you are essentially making your body more efficient at the exact pattern you DON’T want!

Your brain is wired up to achieve tasks. If the brain perceives the task is “move fast”, its not rocket science to guess what it will prioritise. Now imagine if you started a workout and the task was, move as well as I can for as long as possible. Make my last Burpee or Wall Ball look exactly like my first!

The best movers never look like they are going fast, they are in complete control of every rep. That’s my challenge to you! Be in control of your movement! Once you are, you’ll be amazed how much energy you conserve and the positive impact it will have on your “times”

The time on this is not your “fitness” if you made shortcuts to get a better time

Now, there are times and places we want you to push hard on safer low skill movements. When this is, the coach will make it clear the objective is to push hard and dig deep. But 99% of the time if you are still learning these movements, they must be done slower so your body learns how to replicate it in various situations.

So when you step through the door to your next class, ask yourself:

Would I rather go down the wrong road quickly or the right road slowly?

             Not the road you want to take…..