Project Description

I have been crossfitting since 2010 when my sons were 2 and 4 respectively and I had enough of the extra weight I was carrying; which had not disappeared despite regular personal training sessions, gym sessions and boot camp.

As a former gymnast and hockey player who has dabbled in many sports, I was looking for something to provide me with the interest I had been lacking from going to the gym and with the competition I was missing from my gymnastics days as well as providing me with some outlet to get fitter and leaner without having to give up eating, or take long runs 5 times a week.

CrossFit has been something of a revelation. It is difficult to put into words how hard, fun, scary, challenging and awesome it is. Each session brings a new challenge for everyone (despite their fitness levels); and it is brilliant to come in each time and be doing something different.
Gone are the days of entering the gym and looking around at all the machines and knowing I had to “do my cardio” (20 mins on the rower, 20 mins on the runner etc) and then the “weights” (machines which clearly did nothing for me)

I have not been as strong or lean as I am now since I was 13 and I have since gone on to have my third child, all the while doing crossfit through the pregnancy. I am very time limited but find crossfit to be extremely efficient use of my time-the class is done within an hour and the actual time spent training within that hour can be anywhere between 8 and 40 mins but is usually 20 mins. I love the fact that I am learning new skills such as weight lifting and gymnastics skills but working extremely hard to boot. If anyone had told me how high you can get your heart rate up using a barbell I would never have believed them. The camaraderie amongst crossfitters is pretty amazing; I have met some genuinely brilliant people through crossfitting and have found the holy grail of exercise!

The guys who set up CrossFit Bath are amongst the nicest people you could meet; genuine, talented, fun and dedicated and they have worked very hard to make the box what it is. There is little you can say that is not good about the place other than it is addictive and all your friends and family will be sick of you talking about it. That is until they start coming too! I only wish I had found it 10 years ago.