Project Description

Well where do I start with what you guys have done for me?!!

Basically when I joined I wanted to lose all my weight that I gained from a) being married and b) comfort eating through my sisters illness, and I rocked up with no experience of weights (in actual fact when I used to go to a commercial gym I avoided them!!) and running regularly wasn’t doing anything for me at all.

Since joining crossfit last summer I have lost around 2 stone in weight, I have toned up everywhere, and I feel absolutely amazing!! I find myself actually enjoying exercise?!! And when I have finished a horrendous WOD I feel so proud of myself and buzzing for the next session!!

Its not just the exercise, its massively about the people too, you guys are just ace – always giving you amazing advice not just about exercise but my diet too, a good laugh, egging you on when you feel like giving up, have an amazing ability to know how far to push you without damaging you and just have created the most passionate club that I adore being part of.

Basically in a nut shell, you have given me my Jenny mojo back and the ability to love exercise!!?

I love you all LOADS and I cannot recommend crossfit enough, it really is THE best thing… FACT