Project Description

I discovered CrossFit Bath a year ago. Before this point, I would have classed myself as a relatively fit 40-odd year old who had slid, over the years, into a zone of stale routine (the same old exercise routines once or twice a week with a run here and there).

The best way of describing the CrossFit experience is one of a complete rejuvenation. After even less than a year, I am stronger/fitter than I was in my early 30s. The secret? A range of exercise types that stretch you in every way (the learning/improvement never stops), a skilfully programmed variety that makes every visit different, a great community that welcomes and encourages all ages/sizes/levels and – at the core – a talented set of coaches who set the motivational tone and expertly lead the way.

I genuinely feel blessed to have found CrossFit and the fact that Bath hosts one of the best boxes in the UK (if not the best – highest placed UK team at European Regionals 2012!) is the icing on the cake.