Project Description

Just after Christmas I decided that I absolutely did not like what I saw in the mirror – I was too heavy, demotivated and and bored to tears of listlessly doing a few bicep curls in the gym on my own. A friend recommended CrossFit and I decided to give the month-long induction a go. It’s been a revelation and injected a new energy into all aspects of my life.

Colleagues ask me in bewilderment, why I love it. I reply that it is a place where you leave all your stresses and worries at the door, where you’re welcomed be everyone, where you’re pushed to achieve things you didn’t think possible, and where everyone’s progress matters.

It’s competitive, friendly, loud, sweaty, brilliantly coached and demanding. A few months down the line and I’m running faster than I ever have done, I have a daughter who is in awe of my pull-ups, and for the first time in years I like my arms!!!!

Now all we need is for Adam to change his taste in music and the box will be perfection.