Project Description

We’ve all wasted money over the years at commercial gyms where there’s tons of the latest equipment, people hogging kits, and disinterested staff. CrossFit Bath, by a country mile, consistently demonstrates the very best instructing standards. But this award is about more than just that.

However inexperienced or out of shape someone is when they turn up, every member is important – no one gets left behind. Member’s success stories are sought out and recognised. Members who might be struggling are supported and encouraged.

It’s rare to see a growing, self-supporting community, but this is something that the team at CF Bath have somehow managed to build. Instead of half a dozen coaches trying to support the members, there are hundreds of members supporting each other.

When travelling to other CF gyms, just mentioning that I am a member of CF Bath opens doors, as their high standards and leading by example are so highly respected across their peer group.