Our members journey through the wonder that is CrossFit.

  • Darren Hall

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks to CrossFit Bath…..for turning this lazy and HORRIBLY out of shape person into someone that looks forward to getting my butt kicked in the WOD’s on a daily basis. In 16 weeks I lost 3 stone 10 lbs. The coaches will go to any length to help you accomplish your goals. I receive so much help and encouragement.

    They looked at my food diary and advised me of the Paleo diet. This has helped enormously. The more you put in, the more you get out. You don’t have to be anxious because the coaches are very good, you exercise at your level – it does not matter whether you are 20 or 80 years old.

    You will get fit. You will feel better. You will be stronger!

    I cannot believe the difference in only 4 months. I am stronger, leaner and so is my wife. (she goes to the women’s class).

    Darren’s 16 week changes

  • Jenny Myatt

    I have been crossfitting since 2010 when my sons were 2 and 4 respectively and I had enough of the extra weight I was carrying; which had not disappeared despite regular personal training sessions, gym sessions and boot camp.

    As a former gymnast and hockey player who has dabbled in many sports, I was looking for something to provide me with the interest I had been lacking from going to the gym and with the competition I was missing from my gymnastics days as well as providing me with some outlet to get fitter and leaner without having to give up eating, or take long runs 5 times a week.

    CrossFit has been something of a revelation. It is difficult to put into words how hard, fun, scary, challenging and awesome it is. Each session brings a new challenge for everyone (despite their fitness levels); and it is brilliant to come in each time and be doing something different.
    Gone are the days of entering the gym and looking around at all the machines and knowing I had to “do my cardio” (20 mins on the rower, 20 mins on the runner etc) and then the “weights” (machines which clearly did nothing for me)

    I have not been as strong or lean as I am now since I was 13 and I have since gone on to have my third child, all the while doing crossfit through the pregnancy. I am very time limited but find crossfit to be extremely efficient use of my time-the class is done within an hour and the actual time spent training within that hour can be anywhere between 8 and 40 mins but is usually 20 mins. I love the fact that I am learning new skills such as weight lifting and gymnastics skills but working extremely hard to boot. If anyone had told me how high you can get your heart rate up using a barbell I would never have believed them. The camaraderie amongst crossfitters is pretty amazing; I have met some genuinely brilliant people through crossfitting and have found the holy grail of exercise!

    The guys who set up CrossFit Bath are amongst the nicest people you could meet; genuine, talented, fun and dedicated and they have worked very hard to make the box what it is. There is little you can say that is not good about the place other than it is addictive and all your friends and family will be sick of you talking about it. That is until they start coming too! I only wish I had found it 10 years ago.

  • Lee Mears – (England Rugby International)

    As a professional rugby player you are always looking for new ways to improve. CrossFit for me has been a fantastic off season tool to maintain and increase my fitness. I love the combination of Olympic lifting combined with gymnastic fitness. It has benefited me greatly with flexibility, body composition and maximal strength.

    I will continue to combine it through the season with my club based rugby training.

  • Jen Bratherton

    Well where do I start with what you guys have done for me?!!

    Basically when I joined I wanted to lose all my weight that I gained from a) being married and b) comfort eating through my sisters illness, and I rocked up with no experience of weights (in actual fact when I used to go to a commercial gym I avoided them!!) and running regularly wasn’t doing anything for me at all.

    Since joining crossfit last summer I have lost around 2 stone in weight, I have toned up everywhere, and I feel absolutely amazing!! I find myself actually enjoying exercise?!! And when I have finished a horrendous WOD I feel so proud of myself and buzzing for the next session!!

    Its not just the exercise, its massively about the people too, you guys are just ace – always giving you amazing advice not just about exercise but my diet too, a good laugh, egging you on when you feel like giving up, have an amazing ability to know how far to push you without damaging you ;) and just have created the most passionate club that I adore being part of.

    Basically in a nut shell, you have given me my Jenny mojo back and the ability to love exercise!!?

    I love you all LOADS and I cannot recommend crossfit enough, it really is THE best thing… FACT

  • Dom – 40-odd year old male

    I discovered CrossFit Bath a year ago. Before this point, I would have classed myself as a relatively fit 40-odd year old who had slid, over the years, into a zone of stale routine (the same old exercise routines once or twice a week with a run here and there).

    The best way of describing the CrossFit experience is one of a complete rejuvenation. After even less than a year, I am stronger/fitter than I was in my early 30s. The secret? A range of exercise types that stretch you in every way (the learning/improvement never stops), a skilfully programmed variety that makes every visit different, a great community that welcomes and encourages all ages/sizes/levels and – at the core – a talented set of coaches who set the motivational tone and expertly lead the way.

    I genuinely feel blessed to have found CrossFit and the fact that Bath hosts one of the best boxes in the UK (if not the best – highest placed UK team at European Regionals 2012!) is the icing on the cake.

  • Claire Curtis

    Just after Christmas I decided that I absolutely did not like what I saw in the mirror – I was too heavy, demotivated and and bored to tears of listlessly doing a few bicep curls in the gym on my own. A friend recommended CrossFit and I decided to give the month-long induction a go. It’s been a revelation and injected a new energy into all aspects of my life.

    Colleagues ask me in bewilderment, why I love it. I reply that it is a place where you leave all your stresses and worries at the door, where you’re welcomed be everyone, where you’re pushed to achieve things you didn’t think possible, and where everyone’s progress matters.

    It’s competitive, friendly, loud, sweaty, brilliantly coached and demanding. A few months down the line and I’m running faster than I ever have done, I have a daughter who is in awe of my pull-ups, and for the first time in years I like my arms!!!!

    Now all we need is for Adam to change his taste in music and the box will be perfection.

  • Dave Ward – (Harlequins Rugby)

    Making the move from Championship Rugby to Premiership rugby was always going to be a tough task so it was important that I prepared the best I could in the off season. CrossFit is a brilliant way to maximise fitness levels whilst using recognised weight lifting techniques to increase performance.

    The depth and the breadth of knowledge demonstrated by the staff was outstanding and they tailored a program to give me what I need to exceed at the highest level of domestic rugby. The way in which CrossFit works the whole body and pushes you to a whole new limit is one that I hadn’t experienced before but the benefit was plain to see.

    I have arrived at Harlequins in the best shape I have ever been in this time of year and have now gone a step further by incorporating some CrossFit routines into my regular weights programs.

  • Nick Page – (Comic and former slob)

    I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say you saved my life. I had to have a lie down in the warm up at my first session.

    I’m now in Edinburgh for the fringe and managing to do 4 shows a day with an average of 8-10 miles walking up and down hills each day without any aches or injuries. CrossFit proved flexible with my schedule, patient with my excuses and persistent in making me improve my strength and fitness in every way.

    I don’t miss Bath at all, but I miss the box every day

  • Del Kyme

    Every time I walk through the doors I am challenged to push and test myself. I am doing things and achieving things I’d never of thought possible when I joined back in March. The coaches are both hugely knowledgeable and inspirational.

    I am now a CrossFit addict and I love it!