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At CrossFit Bath, we want our members to look and feel their best. When they accomplish a goal -- large or small – we all win. Our community thrives on its supportive members and their individual achievements. Will you be our next success story? We hope so!

  • Brian and Lisa Hill

    We’ve all wasted money over the years at commercial gyms where there’s tons of the latest equipment, people hogging kits, and disinterested staff. CrossFit Bath, by a country mile, consistently demonstrates the very best instructing standards. But this award is about more than just that.

    However inexperienced or out of shape someone is when they turn up, every member is important – no one gets left behind. Member’s success stories are sought out and recognised. Members who might be struggling are supported and encouraged.

    It’s rare to see a growing, self-supporting community, but this is something that the team at CF Bath have somehow managed to build. Instead of half a dozen coaches trying to support the members, there are hundreds of members supporting each other.

    When travelling to other CF gyms, just mentioning that I am a member of CF Bath opens doors, as their high standards and leading by example are so highly respected across their peer group.

  • Amelia Cairney

    I started CrossFit Bath in December 2014 after a recommendation from a good friend. I wanted to lose weight after being bigger than I had ever been, and generally feeling uncomfortable in my own skin as a result! I was also going to a best friend’s wedding in summer 2015 and wanted to get back into shape, so I didn’t feel chubby and frumpy in front of my old Uni friends. Some of whom I hadn’t seen for a few years.

    When I started, I immediately felt at ease with one of the coaches telling me “don’t worry, we’ll look after you” and he was right! Everyone at CF Bath has been amazing and helped me along every step of the way. The coaches dedication and encouragement is second to none. All of the coaches know everyone at the gym by name. They really take the time to ensure each person is doing OK, doing the movements correctly and safely, whilst working at a level appropriate to them, in order to achieve their goals.

    I had never touched a barbell or heard of a “snatch.” Finding the weights side of CrossFit was a bit scary, but now I love a good Olympic lift! The coaches were also great at helping me understand the importance of nutrition, an area I was pretty clueless about.

    Every day at CF Bath is different, with varied and fun workouts. It works on the whole body, and is designed to make you prepared for the mental and physical challenges life throws at you rather than just aiming to look good in a bikini!

    I’ve been to gyms before where you do the same old routine, go in and out without speaking to anyone and it’s just plain boring! CF Bath is very different. I actually look forward to going and miss it when I can’t make it in.

    The general atmosphere at CF Bath is great; the coaches are all very friendly and approachable. The other gym users always have the time to ask how you’re doing; exercise related and otherwise. It makes for a great environment to train in; we all have fun, whilst working towards our own personal health and fitness goals.

    Overall, I have lost 14kg. I’m fitting into my old wardrobe and getting back to my positive, happy, and confident self! (Plus, I felt great at my friend’s wedding!). My friends and family have all noticed the difference, although a few do roll their eyes when I go on about CrossFit again.

    I can’t thank EVERYONE at CF Bath enough, you’ve helped me through my little ‘blip’ and I look forward to many more fun times at the box with you all!

  • Chris Dagnan

    I am two-thirds of the man I used to be, and the fittest I’ve ever been. All at the age of 44 and all as a result of being a member of the CrossFit Bath community for the past three and a half years. The team has created a welcoming environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. We all train together, we all experience the suffering of the workouts and the exhilaration of completing the workouts together; the last person to finish gets the biggest cheer – and that is me quite often. But that is the point – it’s about being better than yesterday, not comparing yourself to others.

    The coaches are very knowledgeable and know the members by name, making sure movements are done correctly and safely before intensely and quickly. Hearing my name mid-workout with a “get back to the bar” or “good work, keep it up” helps me to work that bit harder.

    CrossFit Bath is a gym where you want to go to train with other members, where people notice if you don’t show up and want to see you train hard with them and improve; a gym which I am proud to say I am a member of.

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