In support of Red Nose Day tomorrow we will be asking you to wear something red for your workout. Be it, a red t-shirt, trousers, trainers it does’t matter.

Thanks to the efforts of Caroline Gilbert, there will also be a cake sale going on all day as well. She will have a table and stand set up from 7am with  various different cakes to buy to help raise some cash.

If you have any cakes , big or small that you can bring along to help it would be hugely appreciated.

Finally, there will be a “guess the weight” of a jar of chocolates, where you can pay to enter and guess and if you are right will win a delicious chocolate cake made by Caroline.

As always we hope to do our bit and help with our contribution to this amazing cause.


A little more about Red Nose Day
This Red Nose Day, there are five issues we’re specifically focusing on where your support can help us make a huge difference.
The most effective way to deal with a problem is to stop it from ever happening. This is what vaccines do. They’re one of the most effective healthcare interventions ever created.
Yet, one in five children, worldwide, are not vaccinated against common childhood diseases. Your support helps us to ensure hundreds of thousands of children are protected.
Mental health
In the UK, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem over the course of a year. Yet, because of the stigma surrounding it, many people don’t seek help.
But attitudes are changing. We’ve been working hard to raise awareness about mental health, how common it is and where people can get help. With your help, we can continue this work.
Vulnerable young people
Whether living alone on the streets or with a parent who earns just enough to pay for food and little else, it’s children who suffer most from living in extreme poverty.
As well as struggling for food and shelter, poverty robs children of opportunities to break the cycle. The greatest of these is education. Your money helps us provide it.
Domestic violence
The police receive, on average, over 100 calls relating to domestic violence every hour. Up to 60% of women who experience domestic violence are pregnant at the time.
Back in 2003, we helped to set up the National Domestic Violence Helpline. We continue to fund it to this day. Domestic violence is an issue we’re committed to tackling.
Fighting malaria
You don’t often hear good news about malaria. So here’s some: since 2000 child malaria death rates in Africa have dropped by 71%. In short, we’re winning.
But malaria still kills over 250,000 children under five each year in Africa. Yet we have the tools to fight this deadly disease. Your support allows us to carry on saving countless lives.
How you help in the UK
We fund more than 2,000 projects, throughout the UK, addressing a range of issues, from homelessness and mental health to dementia and vulnerable young people.
How you help in Africa
Since last Red Nose Day, your money has enabled us to help 11.7 million people across Africa, tackling issues such as immunisation, malaria, education, maternal health and many.