New Timetable Additions

‘Outside The Box’ & ‘Skills Club’

We are excited to announce two new timetable additions.

‘Outside The Box’

Every month Bath City Football Club support Give Blood by hosting blood donations in their club house i.e. the gym.

This happens twice a month and on various days, usually always weekdays. They set up from 10am and finish at 9pm.
This means the space we use is unavailable to workout in.

This is something we were aware of before signing our license agreement and something we wanted to support.

Rather than close the gym on these days, we felt it was a great opportunity to do something a little different. An opportunity to workout in some unique, unusual locations and break up the monotony of just working out in the gym.

This month Give Blood will be on sight Monday 12th February and Monday 26th February.

Therefore ‘Outside the Box’ will be kicking off next Monday the 12th.

This month’s ‘Outside The Box’ will be:

Monday 12th February – Mobility Session (Guest Coach Sam Pullen / Location: The Gym (upstairs function room)

Monday 26th February – Stadium Workout / Location: The Gym (Stadium)

Every month we aim to put something new on but if you love a particular session we can always make it a permanent fixture.
We think it’s going to be a ton of fun and we hope you do to.

‘Skills Club’

‘Skills Club’ will be held on the last Tuesday and Thursday of every month at 8pm.

A 30-45 minute session focusing a particular skill such as Kipping, Muscle Up Transition, Double Unders, Handstand balancing etc.

There will not be a booking system for this class but if we have a high demand and find the numbers unmanageable we will introduce one just like we do for the weightlifting.

We will still be running the usual 8pm class alongside this session for those that regularly attend at 8pm and do not want to participate in ‘Skills Club’.

We will be trialling ‘Skills Club’ for 3 months and it it’s successful, we will continue to keep it rolling!

We hope you’re as excited about the new addition as we are and please fire over any questions you may have.