Session 1 

a) EMOM x 10 25% of Max UB Strict C2B PU

b) Accumulate 20 reps of wall walks. Keep arms and legs straight at all times so stomach doesnt touch the floor. Every break 1 legless Rope Climb

Session 2

a)Max effort UB Strict Muscle ups. Then 1-3 OMEM x 10

b) Strict T2B. 25% of last weeks max set OMEM x 10

c) 20s Hollow Hold 10s Rest 20s Arch Hold 10s Rest x8


Session 1

a) Snatch high pull. Build up to a 3RM. Barbell should come higher than the bellybutton as a guide.

b) Build to a heavy set for Power Snatch/ Deep Power Snatch/ Snatch

Session 2

a) Clean and Jerk to a heavy Single

b) 3 x 1 @ 90% with 3s pause in jerk catch

c) 20 reps at a sustained pace at 70% – rest as needed between reps to keep form solid