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Extras W/C 3-7-17

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Session 1

a) Chest facing HS Hold. 5 x 40s

b) Strict Ring Muscle ups. 1-3 x 6. Make sure the negatives down are really slow and controlled. If you can do 3 with controlled negatives then slow the strict muscle up reps down. The slower they are the harder it is.

c) 60s Hollow Hold, 60s Arch Hold. x 3

Session 2 

a) 5 x 5 Pegboard chin ups/ Ring chin ups supinated grip. Aim for chest to pins/rings

b) 8 x 5 Strict HSPU, add deficit if possible. No higher than 6″, add weighted vest after that.

c) 3 Max effort sets of Bar Muscle ups. 3 min rests between

Session 1

a) Power Snatch/ Snatch to a heavy set. Then continue with snatch once the power snatch drops below parallel.

b) Clean DL to a heavy single. 3 x 3 @ 75%

Session 2

a) Snatch high pull/ Snatch. 8 sets @ 75%

b) Power clean + Power Jerk. 8 x 1 @ 70%

Why Technique Work is Over-rated

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Ok I admit it, that was a bit of click-bait to get your attention, but now I have, it let me actually explain what I mean.

Let me set the scene


A. Back Squat 3-3-3-3

B. 12 min amrap:

2 Muscle Ups

4 Strict Handstand Push Ups


You started 6 months ago and don’t yet have muscle ups or Handstand Push Ups. So what do you do? You scale right!?

Your muscle ups look like 2-4 Strict Chin Ups and HSPU’s look like 4-8 Perfect Push Ups. All is good. Until you then go home and think “It would of been nice to do some muscle up technique practice at some point today, I’m dying to get one”

Your sick of always doing Push ups, Ring Rows, Strict Pull Ups, and you haven’t even moved passed a V-Up for Toes to Bar yet.

You then think “I’m not progressing, I need TECHNIQUE work”

Let me tell you a secret, it’s not more technique work you need, its better foundations!!

When you are doing your WOD and doing your push ups and Strict Chin Ups, THAT is muscle up practice and skill work. You know why? Because your first toes to bar or muscle up, or what ever skill you want to do, shouldn’t be a fluke because you heard a good cue. It will be as a result of performing the regressions with the best form you can and not cutting corners to look good on the whiteboard.

Do every rep like you are demonstrating perfect form to a beginner 

Example, 20 year old lad I had in for an induction 2 weeks ago. He did 8 Strict Chest to Bar , LEGIT! My response was, “You can do a strict Muscle up next”

And within less than 2 mins of me showing a rep, he did 3 in a row!!

He didn’t need 20 mins of skill work –  he had the PRE-REQUISITE strength to just do it. How did he get that?  By spending months drilling his foundations (Chin Ups, Push Ups)

The point, yes skill work is great but what do you actually think a WOD is?? Just moving fast? If so, you will always be craving “skill” sessions because you are completely missing the point of training or I should say PRACTICE.

If you don’t care about growth and doing more advanced exercises, by all means just move fast and get sweaty, if you’re safe go for it!

If, however you want to actually improve LONG TERM and not just get the quickest time of the day, can I recommend you view EVERY rep you do in the gym as skill work and practice. Better foundations lead to taller buildings. Scaling a Handstand Push Up to a Push Up isn’t a cop out, its where you are RIGHT NOW on that journey, there is nothing wrong with that.

There is no luck in fitness, no shortcuts, no secret pill, no instant gratification. This shit is hard, things take time! That’s why you come here. Respect the process, and more importantly enjoy it.

There is no rush! The slow road the right way is always better than the perceived fast road to a dead end !!


WOD 29-6-17

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“Tim Hopkins”


DOB 21-1-55

Age 62

In pairs:

28 min amrap:

21 Power Snatch (60/40)

1 minute Accumulation Barbell Front Rack Hold (60/40)

55 Burpees

62 Wall Ball

This workout is in memory of Tom Hopkins (Hoppo’s) dad who sadly passed away earlier this month. Hoppo will be at the funeral tomorrow so won’t be with us, but we want to show him we are thinking about him and his family at this tough time.

If you wish to make a donation to the MIND charity please click the link below

MIND Charity Link