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Extras W/C 23-1-17

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Session 1 (Monday)

A. Power Snatch HS

B. 30 reps for time @ 85% with 3 sec pause in catch. Loss of balance is a no rep. Failed rep = 10 Burpees

Session 2 (Friday)

A. Build to a 3RM TnG Squat Clean

B. EMOM x 10 mins:

1 rep @ same weight as A


Session 1 (Tuesday)

A. 30s on 30s x 15 mins alternating exercises

Shoulder Taps

Bar Muscle Ups


B. 3 x 1 min Ring Supported Mountain Climbers

Session 2 (Thursday)

A. 1RM Weighted Chin Up

B. 5 Rounds:

30s Hollow Rocks

10 Oblique Side Raises each side

20-30s Chin Over the Bar Hold